Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo (Hoichoi) Cast , Actress, Photos, Wiki & More

Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo is an Indian web series released on the Hoichoi app. This web series has been released in Bengali language which is being liked a lot by the audience.

The name of the director of the Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo web series is Chandrasish Ray, and this web series has been produced by Genesis Films Production Company.

Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo (Hoichoi) Cast , Actress Photos, Wiki & More

The lead actors of the Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo web series are Tota Roy Choudhury, Mimi Chakraborty, and Prantik Banerjee, who are known for their excellent acting.

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Web Series NameJaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo
GenreDrama, Crime, Courtroom
DirectorChandrasish Ray
Release Date05 January 2024
Producer NamePrahlad Kakar
WriterRohit Soumya
Production CompnyGenesis Films
OTT PlatformHoichoi

Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo Storyline

On December 31st, International After becoming involved in a molestation episode, Tapas Saha was killed. Pritha Roy, a government attorney, is now taking up their case. He is going to have to protect himself against Joyraj Singha.

Top attorney Joyraj Singha, on the other hand, will represent the accused. The ruling from the court will have an impact on both his personal and career life.

Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo Cast Name With Photos

Mimi Chakraborty

Mimi Chakraborty
As Pritha Roy

Tota Roy Choudhury

Tota Roy Choudhury
As Joyraj Singha

Prantik Banerjee

Prantik Banerjee

Kaushik Chakraborty

Kaushik Chakraborty

Anindya Banerjee

Anindya Banerjee

Anujoy Chattopadhyay

Anujoy Chattopadhyay

How To Watch Online Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo Web Series

First of all, you have to open the Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile device, laptop, or computer. Then you have to search for the Hoichoi app by clicking on the search bar in the Play Store. In front of you will be the app moving from the Search icon, where there will be an install button next to it.

You have to install the app and then open it. As soon as you open it, you will see the login option. If you are using this app for the first time, you must log in with your email.

Then you will have to pay a small fee, after which the dashboard of the app will open. Here you will get to see the Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo Series. If this Web Series is not visible, then you will have to search for the Jaha Bolibo Sotto Bolibo Web Series.

Then you will be able to easily watch the Series and download it offline in the app.

FAQ About Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo Web Series

When will the Series Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo released?

The release date of this Web Series is 05 January 2024.

Who is in the lead role in the Web Series Jaha Bolibo Sotto Bolibo?

The lead cast of this Web Series is Tota Roy Choudhury and Mimi Chakraborty.

Who is the producer of the Web Series Jaha Bolibo Sotto Bolibo?

The producer of this Web Series is Prahlad Kakar.

How to watch the Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo Web Series online?

You can watch this Web Series online on the Hoichoi App.

If you have more details about the Series Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo then please comment below down we try to update it.

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