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Brothers, do you know that Anjali Arora Exposed became the top searched actress and social media celebrity of 2022 in India. So do you know what happened in 2022, due to which people had to search so much about it? Let us know with some hot and stunning photos of Anjali.

Anjali Arora 4

Anjali Arora 2

Anjali Arora 1

Anjali Arora is having fun on the beach. By the way, Anjali shaves her armpits and thighs regularly. And he has also applied sunscreen.

Anjali Arora 3

Anjali Arora 2

Anjali Arora 1

Anjali Arora

Anjali Arora 3

Anjali Arora 4

Anjali Arora 6

Anjali Arora 7

Anjali likes to stay in nightwear. She says tight nightwear is the best!

Anjali Arora 8

Another backside pose of Anjali, in which both things are clearly visible – road and signboard.

Anjali Arora 9

A video of Anjali went viral, after which she came into the limelight. That video is also known by the name of his MMS. This video looks quite old.

Anjali Arora 10

Anjali Arora’s side pose in salwar kameez.

Anjali Arora 11

Anjali also got confused for two minutes seeing that her cameraman was also looking at the same place.

Anjali Arora 12

Anjali is wearing jeans. And there is a mood lamp on the backside.

Anjali Arora 13

Anjali Arora’s Kachha Badam dance, one of her videos went viral, after which she made this video again. Anjali loves to dance openly, while dancing she flaunts her assets. Also knows how to use it properly. This dance of Anjali with full force!

Anjali Arora 14

Anjali is showing her cleavage in the red dress. This photo is taken from Reddit.

Anjali Arora 15

Anjali Arora 16

The most famous photo pose of Anjali Arora, in which she pulls up her pants with both her hands so that her buttocks can fit.

Anjali Arora 17

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