Amber Girls School (Amazon Mini TV) Web Series 2024 Cast Name, Release Date, Trailer, Actress Photos, Instagram ID & More

Hello friends! Amazon Mini TV is releasing a new web series named Amber Girls School which will be available to watch on the first date of the upcoming month. All the web series on school life that have been released on Amazon Mini TV have received a lot of love from people, such as Crushed, Guru Gu, and School Friends, which have maintained the name of Amazon Mini TV OTT.

Amber Girls School (Amazon Mini TV) Web Series Cast Name, Release Date, Trailer, Actress Photos, Instagram ID & More

Amber Girls School web series has a lot of Only well-known actresses who have acted. The web series is about school life where you will get to see love life along with education.

Amber Girls School web series is directed by Rajlakshmi Ratan Seth, and produced by Reliance Entertainment Studios. The storywriters of this web series are Garima Pura Patiyaalvi, Pranjli Dubey, And Swetlana. Talented actresses and actors have been cast in the web series namely Celeste Bairagi, Kajol Chugh, Adrija Sinha, Ishika Gagneja, Harsh Khurana, and Shruti Panwar.

Amber Girls School Wikipedia & Overview

Here we have given important information about the web series through a table that will be easy for you to understand.

TitleAmber Girls School
GenreLove Story, School Life, Drama, Comedy
DirectorRajlakshmi Ratan Seth
EditorsKrishna Tiwari
CinematographerHimanshu Dubey
Music ComposerAvijeet Satapathy
Release Date1 May 2024
Producer NameSweta Agnihotri, Rajdeep Chowdhry
WriterShivam Sen & Mehdi Hussain Mugloo
Production CompnyReliance Entertainment Studios
OTT PlatformAmazone Mini TV
Episodes10 Episodes

Amber Girls School Amazon Mini TV Web Series Story

The story of this web series is about a school where the teacher has been making the students into modern citizens for 100 years. This work is not easy. Many methods were adopted but only one gave the result which is fear which is not a good thing at all.

Story There are many girls in it but there is a girl in the lead role who obeys everything the teacher says, who is in love with a new boy who has come to the school, for whom she tries to become modern, that girl wants to become the head girl in the school. To know what happens further in this story, you will have to watch the web series on Amazon Mini TV on 1 May 2024.

Amber Girls School Web Series Cast – Actors – Actress – Names With Photos

Here, after doing a lot of research, we have told about the cast, actresses, and actors of the Amber Girls School Web Series and have also put their proper pictures along with their real names, and role names, so that it will be very easy for you to know about them.

Celesti Bairagey

Kajol Chugh

Shruti Altaf

Ishika Gagneja

Adrija Sinha

Samaira Jain

Aadi Bharadwaj

Keshav Mehta

Harsh Khurana

How To Watch Online Amber Girls School Web Series

You can visit the official Amazon app or download the Amazon Mini TV app from the Play Store on your phone or laptop to watch this web series. Next, use your Gmail ID to sign up or log in. After that, a dashboard with numerous series will open in front of you. Clicking on the search icon will take you to the Amber Girls School. Additionally, the web series will be free to view.

FAQ About Amber Girls School Web Series

When will the Series Amber Girls School released?

The release date of this is 1 May 2024.

Who is in the lead role in the Web Series Amber Girls School?

The lead cast of this Web Series is Celesti Bairagey and Keshav Mehta.

Who is the producer of the Web Series Amber Girls School?

The producer of this Web Series is Shibasish Sarkar.

How to watch the Amber Girls School Web Series online?

You can watch this Web Series online on Amazon Mini TV and Amazon Shopping.

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